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Oklahoma Deer, Elk, Hog, Exotic, Buffalo, Turkey Hunts

Oklahoma Deer, Elk, Hog, Exotic, Buffalo, Turkey Hunts

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Oklahoma Deer, Elk, Hog, Exotic, Buffalo, Turkey Hunts



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Come to Southern Oklahoma's answer to hunting for those who have a taste for something out of the ordinary animals found in the state. We offers a hunting experience the likes of which will be forever etched in your memories.

With a combined experience of 16 years in the hunting ranch business the goal in this new venture is to offer the most diversified variety of hunts available at one location. A one stop shop for hunting! Hunting experiences range from; Trophy Whitetails, Trophy Elk, Exotics, Wild Hogs, Upland Game Birds, Water Fowl, and More. This provides a facility to accommodate large corporate groups and individual hunters. We will take you in and treat you like family. We strive to make your hunting experience a success in every aspect. Keep in mind, that at our ranch "The Hunting Season Never Ends". 

We have over 1200 acres of hardwoods and grassland bottoms teaming with trophy quality hunting specimens too numerous to mention waiting for your arrival. Our base of operations is nestled in the rolling hills of southeast Oklahoma. We are located just south of I-40 between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The lodge consists of two wings. Both wings have a full kitchen and recreation areas. six large motel style rooms in which two will sleep seven people and the others up to four in each room. Each room has a full bath for your convenience. Our lodge is approximately 4000 sq. ft. of post hunting leisure space. We have 6 rooms, 4 of which will sleep 4 each and the other 2 rooms will bunk 8 each. This is also two large kitchen and living areas, one with an exotic theme and the other with whitetail and elk decor. The latter being the larger of the two areas. All rooms have a full bath and shower. Our lodge is broke up into two wings and reminiscent of a motel style arrangement. Providing comfort and leisure for our clients no matter what the season, motels can be arranged for an extra fee. Groups welcome, in season only. 


If you are here on a Trophy Whitetail or Trophy Elk hunt ranch manager Keith and his wife Beth will be cooking up some awesome meals during your stay. But kitchen areas are always available for your use at anytime during your stay with us. We hope to make your time with us enjoyable and memorable in hopes to see you come back for years to come.


Furthermore, any blood drawn on an animal that is not found is still considered a kill.


A tracking dog will be available on premises to track animals if needed. 



 This outfitter is offering a variety of hunts including: Trophy Whitetails, Trophy Elk, Wild Hogs, Exotics, Waterfowl, Upland Game Birds and more. With over 16 years of combined experience in the commercial hunting business "We are your one stop hunting destination". From individuals to corporate groups (we can accommodate up to 25 people) we can service any type of hunt you have in mind. Our preserve area is over 1200 acres of lush hardwoods and grassy hay meadows rich with game.


Trophy Whitetail:

130" to 160" inch bucks $3495, 161" to 185" inch bucks $4995, 186" and larger, price on request.

These hunts are guaranteed and come with 3 days all inclusive and stay in our lodge. 

Hunt with any approved weapon (see policies for details), no season required in preserve.

Skin and Quarter service- $40.00


Trophy Elk: 

320" inch bull $3495, 350" inch bull $4495, 380" inch bull $5995, 400" inch bull $6995.

Larger bulls available, price on request. 

These hunts are guaranteed and are all inclusive.

Skin and Quarter service- $125.00


Wild Hogs: 

2-day hunt with 2-nights lodging (bring your own bed roll and food). All transportation furnished to and from stands. 

All lodge facilities are available for your convenience (full kitchen, room, skinning facility). 

We track your animal and use our dog if needed for no extra charge. 

1-Hog of any size plus 2 days hunt/lodging- $300, additional meat hog (hog up to 125 lbs) - $100 additional 

Trophy Hog (hog over 125 lbs) - $200 more. 

Skin and Quarter service- $40.00 


Fallow and Sika Deer: 

Any Buck- $1495, Does- $345 

These hunts are guaranteed and include 2- days hunt/lodging (bring your own bed roll/food)

Skin and Quarter service- $40.00


Axis Deer:

Any Buck $2745, No does available at this time. 

This is a 2-day hunt and is pretty difficult.

Skin and Quarter service- $40.00


Buffalo (American Bison):

Bulls $2000 and up. Cows $1195 and up. 

These hunts are guaranteed and include 2-days hunt/lodging Skinning fee- $125.00 


Water Buffalo (Asian):

Bull or Cow- $2495 and up.

These hunts are guaranteed and include 2-days hunt/lodging Skinning fee- $125.00 


Trophy Rams:

Rams  (Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Painted Desert, Jacobs, and others) $346 and up.

This hunt is guaranteed and is a 1 day / 1 night lodging hunt.

Skin and Quarter service- $40.00


Free Range Whitetail hunts: 

Hunt on our 6000 acre ranch outside the preserve. Many trophy deer are in this area. 

Over 50 stands in place this is a 3-day hunt including lodging (no food-bring your bed roll). 

No Guarantees! Free Range: 

Hunt includes 1 Buck 8-points or larger wider than the ears, 1 Doe, 1 Hog. 

Please have your Oklahoma license and this hunt is during State seasons only. 


Water Fowl Hunts:

$250 a day 2-person minimum. 

These hunts will be conducted by one of our outside the ranch guides at an alternate location. With history showing a very good success story.

Turkey Hunts (Spring):

Hunt Rios and Eastern’s, with a very good success rate.

 $350 a day, $650 for 2-days. 1 Bird Extra $200 



Note: All licenses are available 24 hours at Wal-Mart.


Note: Hunter Safety certificate requirements

•Nonresident youth 17 years of age and younger: Must possess a nonresident deer gun license or apprentice-designated nonresident deer gun license. Exempt from a hunting license. Youth 9 years of age or under must be hunter education certified to hunt deer. Legal notes: No gun in a vehicle with bullets in the magazine or chamber.


(1)Hunting requirement 400 inches of Blaze Orange or camo blaze orange total on head and above waste line. 


(2)Shooting hours ½ hour before sunrise to ½ after sunset. 


(3)Legal Calibers 40 caliber or larger pistol, 20 gauge or larger shotgun, rifle bullet over 55 grain 1 ¼ cartridge length, AR-15 is legal as long as the barrel and clip will not hold more than 8 rounds total. Consult the regulations for more detail and clarifications on these regulations.


Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Headquarters 1801 North Lincoln Blvd., P.O. Box 53465, Oklahoma City, OK 73152, (405) 521-3851



Hunt ID: OK-WDeerElkHogExoticBuffaloTurkeyBirds-Coalgate-RRBS-Ricki


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