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I have been on numerous hunts. Have dealt with numerous "Hunters", and have had to endure some of the worst hunting conditions imaginable. I can assure you Allen Morehouse, and the land managed by H.O.T. Guided Hunts is by far the most enjoyable hunts i have had. I see that the latter review depicts Allen's business as a "hucksters business" I have dealt with nothing but professionalism from this outfit. I would like to address some of the slander spewed by the yuppies' review.

1. The lights on the feeders work just fine, they are solar powered and are not made to light up the field. perhaps if you stopped playing angry birds in the stand and actually paid attention you would be able to see the pigs are there.

2. yes, occasionally feeders go out, it is a problem dealt with across outdoorsmen everywhere however the pigs get into a schedule and are usually wait at the feeder for it to go off. So your point on that bit is invalid. Again pay attention and don't wait for the sound of the feeder going off to be your alarm clock.

All in all H.O.T. Guided hunts is well worth every cent. He understands this business and the way it should be ran. I will never Hog Hunt anywhere else again.

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