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Call of The Wild Outfitters

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Call of The Wild Outfitters


4101 Spyglass Dr
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Deer 15, 16, 5 Archery Deer A4, A5, A6 Turkey 2,3

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As a native Kansan and an avid hunter, I feel blessed to live in this great State with all the abundant wildlife it has to offer fellow sportsmen.


However, this was not always the case. I can remember times while upland bird hunting, you never saw deer and if you did, it was a rarity. I remember when wheat was $5.00 a bushel, making fools out of a lot of farmers and at the next year’s planting of wheat, the habitat was gone and so was the wildlife. In the 50’s and early 60’s, seeing deer in Kansas was big news. Estimated deer population was 3,000 and by 1965 it was 30,000.


Through game management, conservation reserve program (CRP), food sources, habitat and restricted permits and less population, Kansas has grown into one of the top premier places in North America to harvest trophy whitetail. Kansas is undisputed in its ranking and it’s no wonder with all the wildlife Kansas has to offer that just about every hunting show on TV is about Kansas.


We work year round managing and overseeing a vast area of private ground, building habitat and food sources and digging waterholes. We believe quality game management is the key to future trophy hunting in our State.


We do not over harvest our deer population. We try to keep our deer ratio one to one or one to two throughout our area. Every year we have trophy deer harvested and will continue to manage the deer herd the same way.


As each year goes by, we enjoy renewing old acquaintances and establishing new ones. As you view our website, see our reward by the smiles on our client’s faces. We look forward to having future dreams come true.


We offer all types of hunts: Trophy Whitetail, Antelope, Upland Game, Waterfowl, Rio, Merriam and Eastern Turkeys and Predators.


We are booking hunts now for 2012 and 2013. If you have any questions, whether it’s booking a hunt or needing information, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail. I feel fortunate and honored to have all my past hunters booking with us again.




NO bunk houses

Single Queen-sized beds, 1-3 to a room with facilities

Four lodges in the same area

Home cooked meals - homemade pies and pastries



No high fences

Comfortable archery ladder stands

Enclosed, heated rifle towers with swivel chairs

All hunts on private land

We field dress deer and haul to processor for clients

Kansas ranks #1 or #2 Trophy Whitetail Hunting

We only harvest Trophy Whitetails scoring 140" and above


Many repeat clients

References readily available from past clients

What kind of land will I be hunting?


You will be hunting on private land. We offer over 45,000 acres in a 50 mile radius from our camp. This area is prime hunting habitat for trophy whitetail deer and has proven genetic capability for producing numerous large trophy bucks. You will be the only person on the land hunting in the area you are designated. Our land consists of shelter belts, dry creek beds, timber areas, CRP grassland, and river bottoms. We cultivate all of our land with food plots, mineral licks, and pumped water. Our agricultural crops vary from corn, soybeans, alfalfa, wheat, and rye.


What kind or type of hunting towers do you use?


Our rifle towers will keep you comfortable in inclement weather. We have 50 plus towers that have stairways with hand railings, and are elevated, carpeted, heated, and have office chairs that swivel 360 degrees. We have over 100 archery stands in a 45 mile radius. Our  stands have nice, heavy-duty wide ladders and an extra wide sitting area. These stands are placed throughout the area you will be hunting, to give you an opportunity to move around on the land.


Do we have semi-guided hunts and guided hunts?


We offer you your choice of the type of hunt you would like. We have nine experienced and knowledgeable guides, who want you to have a successful hunting experience. These guides help us monitor deer movement, where waterfowl are migrating, and will dress out your harvest. These guys take pride in the opportunity to help you have a successful hunt.


How big are your bucks?


To keep our trophy status, we only harvest deer that are 140" and above. There are NO trophy fees! If you shoot a buck below 130", there will be a fine.


What kind of facilities and meals are included in the price?


You will be staying in one of our four lodge-type houses. Many of our rooms have single queen size beds and private facilities. You receive all your meals, and for the serious hunter we even pack a great lunch to take to the field. Most of our food is homemade cooking. We have lots of homemade snacks, pies, soups, and sandwiches. In the evening we have a homemade full course meal. You will meet lots of great people and relax in the evening watching television or just visiting.


What do I do with my extra time if I harvest a buck early in my hunt?


Waterfowl and upland game hunting await our clients who harvest their trophy deer before their time is up and is included in the price of their hunt.


Do we have references?


We can furnish references for all the hunts we offer.




We have been in the outfitting business a long time and intend on staying in the business, by doing business the right way: legally, safely, and giving you the best opportunity to have a successful hunting experience.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.


- Jim Call

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