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Welcome to Wapiti River Guides

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Welcome to Wapiti River Guides

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Waters Fished

Waters Fished
Salmon River - Hammer Creek to Heller Bar or Lewiston; Lower Salmon section [SA8]
Salmon River - Vinegar Creek to Hammer Creek; Riggins area [SA7A]
Salmon River - Vinegar Creek to Island Bar; Riggins area [SA7B]

How would you like to go fishing in a "riverscape" so beautiful, you might forget you signed up for a fishing trip? That is, until a fish jerks you back into reality. Or, go where elbow room is spacious and crowds are virtually non-existant?


And, how would you like to share that experience with a guide who enjoys your success and enthusiasm as much as you do? Who is willing to share secrets learned in over 35 years of fish guiding.


You will fish with me, owner/guide Gary Lane, except when outside experts join for special trips with a larger group size.  I use  a driftboat with my own unique design of creature comforts: padded seat, backrest, heater, umbrella, and splash guards. I believe it's more fun fishing when you are fighting fish, not the elements.


Wapiti River Guides may be not for everyone. Fancy we are not. But comfortable, proficient, and personalized we are. Maximizing your fishing time and helping you learn how to read fishing water is our aim. Trips are based on two fishermen per guide, with an occasional threesome by request.


Note: we provide rods and reels for drift fishing and accommodate fly fishermen with their own gear.


If you are new to steelhead fishing, not to worry, we will help you every step of the way. Fishing with a guide will enhance your learning curve and save you steps in the long run. Even if fish do not cooperate, you will learn how to read holding water and techniques to entice steelhead when they are in a better mood on another day.


Idaho  Fishing



Salmon & Steelhead Fishing


Each spring and fall, salmon and steelhead journey up the Salmon River.  They are destined for their natal waters, and we are boat ready, to intercept them upon arrival. The chasm they must make passage through is the second deepest in North America.  It is jaw dropping beautiful. 


We offer exciting fishing trips from 1-6 days for both salmon and steelhead.  My driftboat is set up for your comfort. Padded seats, umbrella and heater, should weather throw a curve ball, and all fishing equipment. Of course, you are welcome to bring your favorite rod, too, as many experienced fishermen like to do.


Over the years we have been fortunate to fish with many great folks, some more famous than others. Please pardon my blatant name dropping, but here are just a few:


Cecil Andrus – one of my hero’s for his many years getting things done for fish, wildlife, and the environment in the political arena. Probably his strong advocacy as a true sportsmen, helped shape his direction and efforts.  His years of elk hunting and fly fishing must have been a serious influence, in my estimation. Thanks, Cecil. Fish on!


Holly Endersby - Outdoor writer and board member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers had this to say after fishing with us: " I like fishing with Gary Lane of Wapiti River Guides. Lane uses a drift boat which I prefer to the roar of a jetboat. I am after peace and quiet as well as fish, so a drift boat is my favorite type of water transport."


Her husband Scott Stouder - western field representative for Trout Unlimited, and our friend Bill Sedivy - director of Idaho Rivers United, have also been fishing with us on several occasions.  All are great champions for fish, wildlife, and our nations natural heritage.


None of us would have great places to fish and hunt, if we forget that we still need to pay attention to the political arena. That is why we have such great country like the Salmon River available to get out and enjoy. So, come on down and fish with us. We will show you some of the most awesome country on the planet. 


Steelhead show up in the early fall, winter in our local canyon, then head up river to spawn in the spring. So we get two chances to catch them. Fall is warmer, fish are more active and numerous. Spring fishing is also good, but fish are not quite as active this time of year, coming off a winter of low metabolism. Also, since this is the same gene pool we fish from in the fall, we must factor some have already been caught, so the universe is smaller.


Salmon enter our waters in late April, but are not here in force until May and June. This is when we fish for them.  These are my favorite fish. They are huge and fight hard. It is like grabbing a bolt of lightning and trying to reel it in. 


Salmon River Trips


Prices for Salmon and Steelhead Fishing 


½   Day  $ 135


1    Day  $ 195


2    Day  $ 599 (deluxe campouts)


6    Day  $ 1899 (deluxe campouts)


Follow the salmon and steelheads progress:


www.psmfc.org/pittag/ and/Or 




Note: fisheries biologist predict one of our best seasons for salmon fishing this spring. Late April - July. 2012   See our update page for the latest salmon report.

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