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Oregon Fly Fishing with Stan

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McKenzie River

Fly Fishing McKenzie River for Oregon Trout

McKenzie River, Rainbow Trout fly-fishing
Mckenzie River Rainbow Trout

Would you like a full day of fun and excitement with a guided fly-fishing trip for Oregon Trout on the world famous McKenzie River? The McKenzie is well known as a challenging white water river for dry fly fishing. However some sections of the river can provide fly-fishing enjoyment for the beginning fly fisher as well. This trip is all about McKenzie River fly fishing here in Oregon and the natural wonders of the outdoors that is near Eugene.

Drift boat fly fishing on the McKenzie River is a wonderful place for a father and son or daughter to spend quality time together learning how to fly fish. Why not consider a fly-fishing trip for Fathers Day or a birthday gift for someone special? A full day on the river includes a nice shore lunch on the banks of the clear flowing McKenzie. Gift certificates for all our fishing trips are also available and can be arranged to meet customer special needs.

You may want to take a corporate client or your business partner on a guided fly-fishing trip. The benefits are unforgettable and everlasting, just think of a McKenzie River fly-fishing trip as a golf course on the water, only better.

Enjoy the memories of being with friends and family while trout fishing from a drift boat on the scenic, natural clear flowing McKenzie River. We can also arrange for multi-boat trips for larger groups. For a truly a life long memory for the whole family and a fun day of fly fishing plus fly fishing trout tips and techniques, please feel free to contact us guided trips

Look here for guided trip details: McKenzie River Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing

Oregon Steelhead Fly Fishing

Dr. Marv Olmstead with a nice summer run Steelhead

Fly fishing for summer steelhead and catching these returning sea-run rainbows on a fly is an exciting and rewarding experience. The fly fisher, new to steelhead fly fishing must be patient, and willing to learn time tested steelhead fly-fishing techniques to entice the fish to take a steelhead fly.

One of my goals as an Oregon Steelhead fly fishing guide is to give advice in a casual way to help the fly-fisher to achieve their goal of catching a steelhead on a fly. The types of steelhead holding waters will be explained. What types of steelhead flies to use for different fly-fishing conditions is just one of the things the steelhead fly fisher will need to know. What to look for in good quality steelhead fly tackle will be explained. How to tie and use the proper fly-fishing knots will be learned and used to insure a successful day.

For information regarding Oregon Steelhead fly-fishing, and our guided trip that includes:

  • Steelhead fly fishing techniques
  • Steelhead Fly Casting tips
  • Steelhead Fly-Fishing tips and tricks,
  • Steelhead Fly Patterns, for a review of time-tested patterns

visit our Fly-Fishing for Steelhead page.

Oregon Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing

Umpqua river
The picturesque Umpqua River

We only guide full-day trips for Umpqua Smallmouth bass for one reason: The fishing is so good, you need a full day on the river because a half-day trip just isn’t enough. If you have never fly fished for Smallmouth Bass you are missing one of the most enjoyable days of fishing you can imagine.

If you want to try spinning gear, we can provide you with the needed ultra-lite tackle. The Smallmouth bass are a very aggressive predator type game fish. Everyone will find, learning the techniques to catch these fish is fun and easy.

In Western Oregon, the best fishing for Smallmouth bass starts about the end of May and continues thru the summer months until mid September. Fishing slows down when the water temperature drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

See more details about fly fishing the Umpqua river for smallmouth bass.

Oregon Salmon Fishing

Fishing Oregon River Salmon
Oregon River Salmon

Spring and Fall season Salmon Fishing from a drift boat is a very exciting and fun way to fish for Oregon river salmon. You’re as close as a person can get to those big Oregon Salmon, nature and the great outdoors. It’s also a great place for a father and son team or a business guest to experience some Oregon salmon fishing.

Oregon river salmon fishing provides a real challenge to the angler while at the same time he can learn a few salmon fishing techniques and salmon fishing tips used to catch these sea run giants. This all adds up for an enjoyable day of salmon fishing.

Everyone knows how good fresh salmon is on the dinning table, however it’s also the day on the river and being with close friends and/or business associates that make a good day really great.

Learn more about our guided trips for Oregon river salmon fishing and the tackle and tips to catch Oregon Salmon.

Beginning Fly Fishing, Learn how to Fly Fish in Oregon

Beginning Fly Fishing
Cayden Stanley learning how to fly fish

Are you looking for enjoyable fly-fishing lessons for you and a friend or your family members to learn how to fly fish? You need to learn the necessary fly-casting techniques and fly fishing instruction to get started fly fishing the right way. Our beginning fly fishing class is a two-part, one-day class.

In the morning, you will learn the fly-fishing basics and hands on fly-casting instruction from a certified FFF fly casting instructor. This is a complete fly-fishing tutorial with basic information about fly rods and reels, the weights and types of fly lines, leaders, and how a well-balanced fly rod and fly line work together to present the fly properly.

After lunch, we take a drift boat fly fishing trip with wet fly and dry fly trout fishing instruction. You will learn how to tie, and use the special knots used in fly fishing. You will also learn about the types of flies that are used in fly-fishing, the aquatic insects that Oregon trout feed on and the types of waters and feeding lanes where trout can be caught.

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