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South Dakota DIY Whitetail Hunt Lyman County

South Dakota DIY Whitetail Hunt Lyman County

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This is a very limited hunt with only 2-4 deer hunters of any means allowed per year. This is a DIY 4 day Deer hunt. Come see the part of South Dakota that is the hidden secret for hunters in the state of South Dakota. As the number 1 pheasant state most look no further. In the same cover as pheasants are whitetail deer, and on this ranch is over 9000 acres and there are even mule Deer at about a 60% whitetail and 40% Mule Deer ratio. This ranch has had hunting clients for over 20 years, we know how to grow them and keep them. Located in the habitat rich Lyman County game unit west of Pierre this is hunting in the heartland. This deer hunt even has the option of pheasant hunting after you fill your deer tag with a whitetail or a mule deer. South Dakota is a drawing state but it takes no points to draw a whitetail draw and most of the hunters draw a mule deer tag with no points. It is a DIY Hunt with the rancher providing you with a map, a quick tour if needed and you excel cell phone numbers.


Habitat and planning habitat is as important to deer as it is to pheasants. We make certain that even in the driest years we have great cover so the deer don’t move off of the property for better cover. We also plan our farming practice as corn fields so that the deer are feeding here before the season, during the season and after the season is over.


With so many deer in so much cover most hunter shoot a 140-160 buck then take on the pheasant that are open from October 1st to December 31st.


The Rifle season usually begins the second Saturday in November and continues for 10 days.


The Archery season is basically October through the end of the year.


The 4 day deer hunt for rifle is only $ 1495 and $ 1195 for archery.


The South Dakota deer drawing is like no other. For every point (non-successful draw) that you get the put a chip in the hat. The more chips the better the odds. That is not to say that someone with zero chips won’t draw the first year it is just that the odds are better the more chips you have.


There are:


A buck, mule or whitetail license


A Whitetail Buck only license


A Doe only license


(No does are to be hunted without permission from the outfitter.)




That you can apply for in the drawing. There are also 5 draws done as more of the resident license Pool licenses are dropped into the non-resident license pool for the non-residents to draw. Yes you could be unsuccessful in the first draw for a mule deer but be successful for a whitetail buck on the second draw even though you put whitetail buck on the first draw as your second choice. Oh and yes we will assist you in the draw process.




Drawing information for Lyman County Poster Here when available.


If you would like to hunt pheasants for time after you fill your deer license please note that when booking. There are daily rates so it can match you deer filled schedule.


Hunters are responsible for their own meals and lodging although lodging can be arranged at the ranch depending on the availability of space with the pheasant hunters. Town of Pierre is only 10 miles away from the hunting area near Vivian, South Dakota.


EXCELLENT PHEASANT HUNTING in South Dakota heartland.


We have added more land to our already large current base and our predator control and native grass management are exploding our wild game production.


We have a limited amount of spots for deer hunting and world class goose hunts are only 20 minutes from the farm. Goose populations are on the rise as more of our native grasses are established.


All of our lodges will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, with deposit. We encourage everyone to make reservations soon as space is filling fast.


Our wild bird population continues to be excellent. With over 400 pheasant hunters annually it shows we definitely have a large amount of habitat holding a large amount of pheasants. With good gang and feed with cover come the deer and we have plenty of them. We start the 1st part of September for pheasants and conclude the season in mid-December. We will also keep the limit at four cocks per day.


We have been providing hunting for almost 30 years now and have included new and expanding lodging throughout the years.  The addition includes a much larger dining room, a new bar, and a large deck surrounding 3/4 of the current house, a new hot tub, big screen TV, a fireplace and other amenities. This addition will make the house much more hunter friendly and add lots of space to the lounging and dining areas.


The lodge has five bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, bar, and plasma TV with satellite. This now adds additional flexibility in accommodating and entertaining hunting parties. Also a two bedroom lodge with private baths and indoor dog kennels.


If our hunters are lodging at the ranch


We feature :

Seven bedroom modernized farmhouse.

Jacuzzi, Deck, Pool Table & Game Room

Five bedroom remodeled barn with private baths

Five bedroom remodeled granary

Two bedroom lodge with private baths and indoor dog kennels

Automatic trap thrower, three hot tubs, open bar, pool tables and deck

Satellite television

Internet access

Four-wheel drive transportation

Transportation to and from Pierre airport at no charge

Van service available from the Rapid City or Sioux Falls airport for a fee


In the past years, our native pheasant populations were augmented by raising and releasing (typically in mid July) 1200 to 1500 pheasants. We last raised and released birds in 1991, yet the number of pheasants harvested annually has continually increases to over 5,000 roosters. This is because in recent years our game / average management and predator control practices have enhanced nesting habitat and survival rates, thereby increasing native pheasant populations dramatically! Climate and habitat conditions have again been favorable for natural proliferation of the Ringneck. Also for the sixth year, we have become a hunting reserve for the sole purpose of being able to control the dates on opening and closing the season. We begin the 1st part of September and conclude the season by mid-December.


We believe you will find our hospitality refreshing, and our service and flexibility top-notch. We have a wide range of packages to suit your hunting needs. Should you be looking for a gamble, we also offer packages, which include transportation to the Golden Buffalo or Lode Star Casinos is a short 45-minute drive from our ranch.


We anticipate our largest native bird population in recent years, and therefore, the most enjoyable hunting offered anywhere. To provide the best, personalized service possible, we, regretfully, can accept only a limited number of hunters. Spaces are filling fast, so make your reservations soon and plan to hunt deer and pheasants with us.


We offer pheasant hunting with lodging and meals:

5-day packages at $3295.00;

4-day package for $2695.00;

3-day package for $2195.00,

2-day package for $1595.00

1-day package for $ 795.00

Only day hunt for $ 695.00 (lunch included)



** Cost of Packages before September 30th or after December 1st -

5-day packages at $2695.00;

4-day package for $2395.00;

3-day package for $1895.00,

2-day package for $1295.00

1-day package for $ 695.00.

Only day hunt for $ 595.00 (lunch included)


License Fees:


Deer License                                $ 329.00        

Preserve Hunting License            $  65.00

Non-Resident Hunting License   $ 114.00

Goose Hunting License               $ 100.00

Goose Hunting License               $ 175.00


Hunt ID: MWDeerPhesants-All-Pierre-MBR-Mike 



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