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South Central Kansas Whitetail Deer DIY Hunt on 5,000 acres

South Central Kansas Whitetail Deer DIY Hunt on 5,000 acres

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In the heart of South Central Kansas we offer some of the finest trophy whitetail deer hunts Kansas has to offer. Our properties are located in counties that currently rank in the top 5 of the state of Kansas for Pope and Young whitetails, & Boone & Crockett whitetails. All of the land being hunted has been under our control for at least twenty years, and some 120 years. Did we mention Kansas is the #1 state to hunt Pope and Young whitetails!




Our hunting takes place on roughly 5,000 acres. On some of our properties we have implemented food plots intended specifically for the whitetail deer, & Rio Grande turkeys. Each property is monitored year around with binoculars & trail cams so we can assure the client that when they book their hunt with us we should be able to put them on the trophy whitetail of their drams. We only take a limited number of archery, muzzleloader, & rifle hunters on a yearly basis to help ensure that the whitetails reach their maximum potential before being harvested.  All whitetails are 100% wild, and free roaming, and are pursued by 100% fair chase. If you are willing to sit in the stand all day for your five day hunt, & use proper scent control we see no reason why you can’t harvest a beautiful Kansas whitetail deer year after year.


All of our hunts are now 15% off & if you book with your son or daughter you will receive 25% off of the second hunt. We strongly encourage beginning our youths into the sport of hunting and building their hunting skills to make them safe and successful hunters so they can enjoy our hunting heritage form many years after we are no longer around to promote that heritage.


Enjoy the Kansas free ranging trophy whitetail deer hunts located in the heart of south central Kansas on private land managed for big whitetail deer. Almost all the land being hunted has been under our control for at least the last 20 years, and some even 100+ years. The terrain consists of gently rolling sand hills, pockets of timber, a rich diversity of agriculture, and an abundance of plum thickets. All of our properties have some sort of water resource nearby as well. The land tracts are located in units 5, 15, & 16. With roots that deep our properties, along with properly managing, and hunting them, leaves true potential to harvest a beautiful Kansas whitetail monster buck year after year. Our team has over 90 years of combined hunting experience, and has been hunting our properties since 1968. We truly believe everyone who books a hunt with us will walk away with a hunting memory of a lifetime.


As an outfitter we provide the client with some of the absolute best properties to hunt on in Kansas Hunting units 5, 15, & 16, and the opportunity to see plenty of game while on your stay with us. Our specialty is Kansas whitetail deer as well as Rio-Grande turkeys. We do occasionally host predator, duck, goose, bobcat, pheasant, and quail hunting as well. While staying with us the client is welcomed to either fish or prairie dog hunt. Our ponds are filled with catfish, sun perch fish, and a few bass as well.


Kansas is a over the counter license for turkey but the deer license is a little more involved. We will advise you on which two units to put in for on your application for a Kansas Whitetail license. If you miss the application date there are usually a few licenses left over for our units but they don’t last long and they are on a first come first serve basis at the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP).


Included in all of these packages are 6 nights of lodging, 5 days of hunting, 2 meals a day & snacks if needed. If you need your gun or bow sighted in we will be happy to assist you in doing that at our facility. Tree stands, field dressing, & packing out of game is also included in our package. However, you are responsible for the transportation fees associated with us taking the game to our meat locker, and arranging for them to send it to your meat locker of choice. We will be transporting you to and from all stand locations.


Hunting Rates & Dates


Regular price muzzleloader


(Fully guided; we take you to the location, & sit with you) $3495


With 15% off of that the price comes to $2995.




Regular price for a non-rut archery hunt (Licenses unlimited and over the counter)


(Fully guided; we take you to the location, & sit with you) $3495


With 15% off of that the price comes to $2995.




Regular price for a rut archery hunt fully guided;


We take you to the location, & sit with you) (October 28th- November 22nd) $3995


With 15% off of that the price comes to $3,395.




Regular price for a November 28- December 9, rifle hunt is $4,495


(Fully guided; we take you to the location, & sit with you)


At 15% off of that the price comes to $3,825.




A semi-guided hunt is offered if schedule and property allows. It is at a reduced price of $500 less than the above prices of the first two hunts at the same time span.




Turkey hunts begin in mid-April and continue through May.


We have Guided, semi-guided, and DIY hunts available at different pricing structures.


We also have the youth discount available for those hunts.


A breakdown of the hunts is:






I am with you and operate the turkey call as needed, use my skill and knowledge of the turkey habits and travel corridors to provide a pattern to ambush moving birds or set up to call.






I advise you of the locations of the turkeys but you are on your own to locate and call or ambush the turkeys.




(DIY) Do it Yourself Hunt:


You are given a map of the property and noted the fence lines you must stay hunting in. If you go outside those fence lines you may receive a trespassing violation from the KDWP if requested by one of my neighboring property owners. Your map with have my signature on the back providing you with access to my property only. My phone number will also be on the map for contact. There is no lodging or meals included with this hunt.




All hunting for deer and turkey must be within the KDWP rules and regulations. If you shoot and wound a deer or turkey and it travel over a fence onto a neighbor’s property you may not cross the fence without first contacting me so that I can contact the landowner and have him and myself assist you in locating your deer or turkey.


Any rules of the property or regulations of the KDWP broken are grounds for immediate expulsion from the property with or without bagging a deer and with no refund.

Hunt ID: KS-WDeerTurkey-All-DRO-Hans



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