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Nebraska DIY Whitetail or Mule Deer Hunt Nebraska Panhandle

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Nebraska DIY Whitetail or Mule Deer Hunt Nebraska Panhandle

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We offer 5,000 acres, 8 one mile squares joined together holding some of the best hunting in the American Frontier. Located near billionaire Ted Turner’s buffalo reserves, 1,000’s of acres of irrigated crops, prairie hills, and timbered canyons, our trophy scores commonly range between 130 and 170 BC. Hunts are wild game, natural habitat, no calcium supplements, and no high-fenced animals. We offer real hunting the way real sportsmen want it to be. You will be hunting in the famous Nebraska Panhandle known for its game rich habitat where water and woods meet agriculture. This provides a stable deer herd and the ability for the deer in the area to live long and grow big antlers.


This is the steel of the century for the DIY whitetail or mule deer hunter, or the hunter that wants to take two bucks, yes I said two buck on the one trip during this 4 day hunt. In a world of economy split by two your total hunt and travel split in two this makes this the most economical hunt available in years. Add to this you can shoot mule deer or whitetail deer and it just keeps getting better.


One 4-5 day Mule deer or whitetail deer hunt on private land south of Rushville Nebraska right on the deer super highway called the Niobrara river which is a high traffic corridor for deer year round but hunting the November rut we need street lights to stop the deer so no hunters get run over is $ 2000 reduced down to an unheard of price of $1395. With extra days after 4 days are available for only $ 250 per day.

In fact if you want to shoot a second buck it is legal in Nebraska you can. Let us know when booking and the second deer is only $ 795 more and the 5th day is added at no charge.. You will need a Nebraska buck deer license which is only $ 209 like the first one. With the first one you purchased a $16 habitat stamp which only one is required for all the hunting you do all year.


Premium Trophy Whitetail Deer for only $1395 for 4 days of hunting any season. Additional days of hunting and lodging are available when booking the hunt. Number of day’s changes will not be altered after booking. There is a bonus for the first 5 booking with the lodging of a house on the property for only an additional $ 500 for 5 days, bring your own sleeping bags to put on top of the beds. Park your vehicle and walk across the bridge to the house. The bridge is for walking and ATV’s only. If you bring your own camper or motor home there are places to park if you are self-contained and clean up the area before you leave. Extra days over 4 days for hunting are $ 150 and for lodging $50.


We also keep the low Merriam’s Turkey prices, 3 day $395 1st bird, second bird $100 more.


There is also lodging available in the Rushville and Gordon:

Nebraskaland Motel (308) 327-2487508 E 2nd St, Rushville, 12 Miles

Antlers Motel (308) 327-2444607 E 2nd St, Rushville, 12 Miles

Hacienda Motel (308) 282-0075605 W Us-20, Gordon, 28 Miles

Hacienda Motel (308) 282-1400605 W Us-20, Gordon, 28 Miles

Jefco Inn (308) 282-2935308 S Cornell St, Gordon, 28 Miles

Western Sands Motel (308) 282-1795107 W Us-20, Gordon, 28 Miles

Make reservations early these locations fill up early for the rifle hunting dates.


Youth Deer licenses are now just $5, and adults are $200, both will need a $20 habitat stamp. You can purchase a second license for an additional $ 200 with a $ 700 payment to the hunt.

•Youth age 10 or older may hunt deer in Nebraska

•Youth ages 15 or younger must hunt with a licensed adult


 The premium hunting area is by the house since it has not been hunted for over 5 years now. It is the area that goes to the one with the house for lodging. Any hunting property location decision will be made referring back to who booked their hunt first.


Do you think you have the deer hunting knowledge to take on a monster muley or huge whitetail and win on their terms? Our Trophy Deer hunt takes place in the famous Niobrara River Valley, a deer and turkey Super Highway. Multiple streams travel through the property This DIY Semi-Guided Hunt stands out among them all with 1,900 un-hunted for 5 years acres with whitetails, mule deer, turkey and even antelope to offer. (Antelope are doe only for non-residents in Nebraska). There are many bucks in here that have never seen a hunter; wouldn’t that be a refreshing hunt? The area is huge one of a kind it even has ATV access only so you know what kind of big bucks can grow in a place managed like this!

The area is large enough for 4 hunting groups to hunt and not see each other. You will be given a designated area to hunt so that each group has their own personal hunting area. The area you are put in will be decided by what you would like to hunt mule deer or whitetail deer. Keep in mind there at 8 one mile squares of deer hunting property to spread everyone out. If you want to change areas contact the outfitter after 2 days and he can adjust according to what is available at that time. Most hunters are done the first or second day.


Located roughly 12 miles south of Rushville Nebraska on State Hwy 250 and 2 miles west on county gravel road.    The property is in the Pine Ridge unit on the north side of the Niobrara River and the Plains unit on the south side of the river.    The property is in the Pine Ridge unit on the north side of the Niobrara River and the Plains unit on the south side of the river. This area issues 1800 permits each year and they sell out every year.

This area has a high average of mature whitetail bucks with over 76% of them two years or older.


This is why there are so many trophy deer in this area. Limited access to this large private piece of ground with no roads going through it is also large part of the quality that we see on this property.


The property and habitat contains wheat, millet and other agricultural crops, hardwoods, thick tangles, pine ridge, along with the famous sand hills for the big muleys. 


Deer tags are usually available into October because this area has very little public land, mostly private. The number of hunters per year is extremely limited to keep the quality at such high standards. Because of this we book up before the tags are gone. Be certain that you have reserved your hunt before you purchase a license for this area.


This is not a hunt for a hunter that wants a cheap DIY hunt because he doesn’t want to pay a guide. This is a hunt for an experienced professional Mule Deer or Whitetail hunter that has some big bucks under his belt and is looking for one even bigger. He must have the knowledge and skill to outwit the buck on his own terms to have the right to place his head on your wall.


Pricing is extremely low for this quality hunt but limited in number. For those that do get to hunt it once they will have preference over new hunters hunting the property. This hunt is priced extremely low for the quality of the hunting and the bucks on this large piece of property. 


Once you have had your deposit accepted the outfitter will contact you, in groups there will be a leader that will be contacted for the group. The meeting location will be provided and lodging in Rushville reservations phone numbers will be given. For those with camping trailers that are self-contained there is a camping area with no facilities on the property.


You will arrive the Friday before opening day so the outfitter can provide you with a map of your property, fences, river, agricultural fields and your area to hunt. It is a 4 day hunt, either the first 4 days or the last 4 days of the gun season. Archery and muzzleloader have a longer window to work with for their 5 days at the same price.


Come with your weapon sighted in we want no shooting except at deer. We work hard to keep trophy deer on the property and don’t want them spooked off the day before season with rifles sighting in; it is not fair to the other hunters.


You and your group can make a plan for hunting. Cell phone coverage is poor in this remote hideaway area so don’t depend on them working.


You can hunt until dark on your last day and leave the following morning. 


The largest buck taken on our property measured out at around 180 plus. Larger bucks have been spotted, but no one has been lucky enough to take one of these monsters. The racks on our bucks are abnormally massive and tall. The bucks are their but their wisdom has kept them alive, only your wisdom will change that. Also you may have to pass on some big bucks to get a giant buck.



Upon deposit of 50% the date will be secured.  You will receive the landowner contact information, and he will receive yours with your deposit. The balance is due 30 days prior to the hunt. A $ 100 security/damage/cleaning deposit is required for each group camping on the property and $ 400 for the group that is in the house.



Licensing Detail:

Licenses are available on a first come first serve basis on the internet in July. 

•Youth Deer licenses are now just $5, and adults are $200, both will need a $20 habitat stamp.

You can purchase a second license for an additional $ 200 with a $ 500 payment to the hunt.

•Youth age 10 or older may hunt deer in Nebraska

•Youth ages 15 or younger must hunt with a licensed adult

Application Age: Youth age 16 may get a youth permit if they purchase before turning 16.

 A 17 year old must purchase an adult license and Conservation stamp.

Youth may apply before reaching legal age if legal age is reached before season opens

Habitat Stamp: Required of nonresident youth only.

Hunter’s ages 12 through 29 must have completed firearm hunter education when hunting ANYTHING with a firearm or crossbow.

•Firearm or crossbow hunters under age 12 and those using the exemption certificate can never hunt alone and must be accompanied when hunting anything with a firearm or crossbow. The accompanying person, must be age 19 or older, a licensed hunter and if age 19-29, must be certified in hunter education. Accompanied means you must be in unaided verbal and visual communications at all times 


Minimum Age

 •No minimum age 


License Requirement

 •Resident (15 years old or younger) •Do not need any license or habitat stamp

•Hunter Education (if age 12 or older) 

•Nonresident (15 years old or younger) •Hunt permit

•Habitat Stamp

•Hunter Education (if age 12 or older)

•All hunters age 16 or older must have valid Nebraska hunting license and habitat stamp

 Hunter Orange -- Any persons hunting deer under the authority of a firearm permit during an authorized Forearm season must display on his or her head, chest and back at least 400 square inches of hunter orange material.



Nebraska Game & Parks Division 2200 N. 33rd St. Lincoln, NE 68503 - (402) 471-0641 


Or the Local District office in North Platte, 301 East State Farm Road, 308-535-8025


Hunt ID: NE-WMDeerAntelopeTurkey-All-Rushville-Roy-DIY


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