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Washington Elk, Mule Deer, Bear and Turkey Hunts

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Washington Elk, Mule Deer, Bear and Turkey Hunts

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Vermont Russian boar, Red Stag, Elk, Buffalo, Fallow Deer, Ram and Vermont Russian boar, Red Stag, Elk, Buffalo, F



Go West Young Man is what these hunters saw when we asked them where to go for good Elk, Mule Deer, Bear and Even Turkey for a Good Time. Discounted Rates

Hunt                                             Firearm    Archery   Muzzleloader

5 Day Elk Hunt Group Rates         $2,495$2,495$2,495

5 Day Deer Hunt Group Rates$1,995$1,995$1,995

5 Day Bear Hunt Group Rates$1,995$1,995          $1,995



We are proud to offers hunts for some of the finest game, Elk, Deer, and Bear, in some of the most beautiful places in the Country!

In a place where All Tags and Licenses are Available over the Counter, aside from Special Draw and Raffle Hunts, Washington State is the land of Hunting Opportunities!

We offer Guided and Semi-Guided Hunts, through-out Washington State. Come browse through our site and see how to make your hunting dreams a reality!


Washington Roosevelt Elk thrive either in the coastal rainforest or the Cascade Mountain Range. They are truly one of the most rewarding North American species to hunt. Mature bulls can weigh in excess of up to 1,500 pounds on the hoof. A 6 to 12 year old bull will score anywhere from 300 inches to 380 inches. They tend to have a reddish-tint or a solid black color to their horns. They also crown-out at maturity. Both are a very sought after attribute.

Mature bulls are usually found in the steep, deep canyons of the Pacific Northwest. They typically live on long ridges that consist of a series of benches. These trophies live a solitary or bachelor life outside of the rut.

Success requires extensive knowledge of their patterns. Scouting is the key, and something we do year round.

Elk in the Pacific Northwest range from Rocky Mountain Elk to Roosevelt Elk. They are very elusive animals, hence the name "Wapiti." Our hunts will have you in the heart of Elk Habitats, giving you a chance at these amazing animals. These are challenging hunts, in diverse terrains.


We offer a few different types of Deer hunts including the Columbia Blacktail, Mule Deer, and the newly discovered Bench leg Buck. Bench leg Bucks are a cross combination of Blacktail, Whitetail, and Mule Deer. They can weigh up to 300 lbs on the hoof. None of these bucks look the same, they all have unique characteristics. When it comes to Bench legs, non-typical are typical. We are presently developing our Whitetail hunt opportunities to further enhance our offerings.

We are proud to offer Amazing Deer Hunts! We hunt high desert timber, and wide-open plains, to the deep timber. These hunts are physically demanding, exceptionally rewarding, and well worth the effort! 

With the right set of eyes and experience, you can knock-down a true trophy!

All of our hunts take place in beautiful Washington State, from the coastal mountains, to the wheat fields. 

We are proud of our high Opportunity Success rate! Take your pick, each one of these hunts is very rewarding and unforgettable.

The larges Mule Deer Genetics are on the rugged Washington-Idaho Boarder. Because of that he hunst 20 % private and 80% public in some out of the way honey holes that holds the biggest deer. Where they will hunt has a lot to do with pre-season scouting information as to where the biggest bucks are located at the time of the year and targeting that area. He has more land to work with than you will ever hunt. 


His feeling is that even if he has private land leased and finds some bigger bucks back in on very difficult to access public land he will hunt the public land because that is where his scouting has provided the biggest bucks at the time of the hunt. Many times the bucks will move on and off of the private land and in October they are breaking from their bachelor herds and beginning the Prerut time period with the peak of the rut occurring when you are there.  With the rut being a factor deer are always moving at this time of the year. 


With that said the bigger bucks even touch they are in rut are usually more selective in where they look and will look more in out of the way places for does. This being said they are bucks in rut, and like any buck in rut they don’t always use the rules and it is not impossible for them to show up anywhere at any time of day during the dates of your hunt.   An open mind, a sharp eye, and a skilled shooter will always bring home the bacon no matter where the buck show up.




Most of our Bear Hunts require lots of glassing across canyons on south-face slopes, spot & stalk, to close the gap for a good shot! We recommend a high caliber magnum rifle to put these bears on the ground; though archery is an option. The units we hunt have about 30% color-phase bears. There are several Game Management Units that we hunt. We choose the best areas decided by our scouting efforts. 

Typically these hunts will entail high altitudes, where berries are prevalent and ripe! We provide a packed lunch for each hunt, which is often consumed in the field. Most of the lodging for these hunts is in motels close to the particular hunting area. Hunters are responsible for their lodging costs; we can however assist with coordinating your lodging.



We are proud to offer turkey hunts in the spring. With a two Tom bag limit, this is a great way to pass time and enjoy your self, while anticipating Washington's Big Game Season!

Our Turkey hunts entail utilizing a variety of methods in diverse terrain. All Turkey hunts are for 3-days.

Hunter to Guide Ratios

We strive to partner a ratio of not more than 2 hunters to 1 guide. In the event you’re hunting solo, we can usually pair you with another hunter. There is an additional charge for individual hunts, where there is 1 hunter to 1 guide.


Hunting Licenses & Hunter Education

Washington State allows over the counter purchasing of Licenses. Anyone born after January 1, 1972 is required to have completed a Hunter Education Course, with one exception, there is a Special One-time Hunter Education Deferral.



Special One-time Hunter Education Deferral Available

In 2007 the Washington State Legislature approved a measure that now allows a one-year, once-in-a-lifetime deferral of hunter education training. The deferral option is available to individuals who are accompanied by an experienced hunter who has held a Washington hunting license for the previous three years. A $20 application fee is required.

Click here to read additional information


You can go to the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Website for detailed licensing requirements and information.


What to Bring - Links to PDF File


Lodging - Lodging varies by hunting areas, there are options for Motels/Hotels, Lodges, or Trailer 


Camping. We can assist with coordinating your lodging.


Camp Sites - Most of our camp-sites are rustic, and located in rural locations. The camp-sites have basic amenities, such as tents, fir pits, and work areas.



Food - We will provide lunches during guided hunts. Other meals depend upon the hunt. Please contact your guide for further information.


Airport Pickup - Airport pickup can be arranged.



The primary airport serving our hunting areas is the Portland International Airport (PDX), Spokane, WA (SPK), and Seattle, (SEA). Following is a list of airlines and rental car companies serving the Portland Airport.




















Rental Car Companies

Avis Rent A Car503.249.4950

Budget Rent A Car503.249.4556Dollar Rent A Car503.249.4793Enterprise Rent-a-Car503.252.1500

Hertz Rent A Car503.249.8216


allow Deer, Ram and wild Goat Huntswild Goat Hunts



Hunts are 5-DaysModern FirearmArcheryMuzzleloader

One On One$4,995$4,995$4,995

Two On One$3,495$3,495$3,495 

Group Rates$2,495$2,495$2,495

Additional Day Rates$750$750$750 



Hunts are 10-DaysModern FirearmArcheryMuzzleloader

One On One$11,995$11,995$11,995



Hunts are 5-DaysModern FirearmArcheryMuzzleloader

One On One$3,495  $3,495$3,495

Two On One$2,995$2,995$2,995

Group Rates$1,995$1,995$1,995



Hunts are 5-DaysModern FirearmArcheryMuzzleloader

One On One$3,495$3,495$3,495  

Two On One$2,495$2,495$2,495

Second Bear TagCall For DetailsCall For DetailsCall For Details

Group Rates$1,995$1,995  $1,995


Combo Hunts - Elk/Deer

Hunts are 5-DaysModern FirearmArcheryMuzzleloader

One On One$7,495$7,495$7,495

Two On One$5,995$5,995$5,995

Group RatesCall For DetailsCall For DetailsCall For Details


Miriam Turkey Hunts - Hunts are 3-Days

One On One$895

Two On One$695

Group RatesPOR

 On the Outback Hunts: You will be camping in Wall tents unless we get shut out of the woods due to fire danger which does happen in that case we will have to set up with motels. No Hot Showers in Wall Tent Camp. No sleeping bags are needed, there are no cots and camping trailers are allowed.

The hunts can take place in many different areas depending on the game hunted and the, weather and the outcome of scouting and trail cams. Our goal is to get you into the most and the biggest deer and elk possible. Because of that and the weather we don’t know months before where we will be in a tent or motel. We assume our hunter come for the hunt and will be lodging flexible to be in the best hunting area possible.

As soon as the deposit is received the outfitted will send a welcome/Introduction letter to the client and explain all of the details of the hunt.

Client will fill out the Outfitters contract upon arrival for the hunt. 

All food and lodging is included in any five day hunt except bear hunts.

HORSES USED for elk hunting along with 4WD Pickups 


The guides are professionals and well experienced.

Skinning and caping is included but meat processing in available but the responsibility of the hunter.

No spotting scope is needed but a good pair of binoculars is a must.

Please advise the outfitter before you leave home what weapon you plan to bring so that is can confirm it is legal for that game in Washington State.

This outfitter works extremely hard to satisfy their clients’ needs and wishes. we understand that there trip is not only a hunting trip but a vacation, with that being said there will not be any unsatisfied customers.


Hunt ID: WA-MDeerElkBear-Rifle-Woodland-Guided-TGO-Brian 


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