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Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunts, Southeast Ohio

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Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunts, Southeast Ohio

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Hunt for trophy whitetail Bucks in Southeast Ohio, in one of the top trophy producing counties. We have over the counter Deer tags. You can use bow and arrow or crossbow, your choice.


No trophy fees, but since this is a trophy hunt there is a $500 fine for any deer killed under 120 inch. This allows our younger buck’s time to grow into true trophy.


We are surrounded by some of the best Deer hunting places in the state. The areas we hunt are a mix of 50% agriculture 50% hardwood forest so there is plenty of food for them to eat and places to hide. I think that's why this area produces so many nice trophy bucks.


Yes we are hard core archery trophy hunters, the reason why other than the challenge is that it is the best time to get a real wall hanger in Ohio, because this time of the year they're on the move. We only guide a small number of hunters per week and only during the most productive times of the season .We have multiple stand locations for each hunt which consist of ladder and lock on stands. All stands are located with the bowhunter in mind. We do all this to heighten our hunter’s odds of getting a trophy deer. 

We will supply you with a hunting area on Private property accommodated with food plots and Tree stands and are in pre-scouted locations, Transportation to and from hunting area, animal recovery, transportation to meat locker and prepping the cape for taxidermy. (Lodging and hunting license are not included in hunt price) 


Lodging will be at one of the local hotels in the town of Logan it is only around 12 minutes away from our meeting room. There are at least 4 different places to stay and all the usual restaurants are there. We will send you a list of them for you to choose from. We do offer cabin rentals for groups of hunters that don't want to stay in town .Ether way you will want to show up the day before your hunt starts this will give you time to get your licenses and tags and get settled in. From there you will want to come on out to our meeting area so we can meet and go over a few things about your hunt. Here you will be able to site your weapons in and get a little practice on our range plus when morning comes you will know how to get here from your room. 


We will supply you with: 

•A private hunting area accommodated with food plots or feeding stations with multiple stands for each hunter, in pre-scouted locations. 

•Transportation to and from hunting area. 

•Animal recovery. 

•Transportation to meat locker. 

•Prepping cape for taxidermy or travel. 

We also offer our Taxidermy service from our award winning studio .You will be lodging in Logan at one of the area local hotels or our small cabin Click on lodging for more information.

(Hunting license sold over the counter in town but not included in the hunt price)

Ohio Archery Season 

Sept 25th to Feb 6th 

Hunting DatesHunting DaysRateHunting DaysRateAvailability 

Sep 25th- Season Opener3 days$9955 Day$1395.00Call 

Oct (1st- week of Oct Pre-Rut3 days$9955 Day$1395.00Call

Oct (2nd week- Oct Pre-Rut3 days$995  5 Day$1395.00Call 

Oct (3rd week- Oct. pre-Rut3 days$995  5 Day$1395.00Call 

Oct (4th week of Oct. Rut3 days$995  5 Day$1395.00Call

Nov (1st week Nov. Rut  3 days$10955 Day$1495.00Call 

Nov (2nd week Nov Rut  3 days$10955 Day$1495.00Call

Nov (3rd week - Nov Rut3 days$995  5 Day$1395.00            Call 


We will be bow hunting all the way up to February. So if you have cabin fever and want to get away for a while give us a call... Late season hunting over food plots can be excellent 


Late Season Archery 

Hunting DatesHunting DaysRateAvailability 

Dec 5th to Feb 1st5 day$995.00Call

2011 Deer Gun Season

Shotgun and slugs, sabots, 10 gauge and up and plugged to hold a maximum of 3 slugs. Handguns allowed - .357 and larger with minimum 5 " barrel. Muzzleloaders with scope also can be used .38 ca and larger - no muzzleloading handguns are allowed.

Hunting Dates             Hunting DaysRate        Availability 

Nov 29th-Dec 5th5 day           $1495.00Call

Muzzleloader Hunt season

Muzzleloaders with scope also can be used .38 caliber and larger - no muzzleloading handguns are allowed.

Hunting Dates             Hunting DaysRate            Availability 

Jan 8th to Jan 11th4 day only$1395.00Call

Turkey Hunts

This fee is for permission to hunt turkey on our leases only. We will give you and a partner exclusive hunting rights to one of our leases. It does not include food and lodging. 

Hunting DatesHunting DaysRateAvailability 

Spring Season Apr 18th to May 15th4 days$495.00Call Us 

Buy Your Ohio Hunting License Online Click Here 


We allow our hunters the opportunity to take two deer. One trophy buck and a doe, or 2 does. No trophy fees, but since this is a trophy hunt, there is a $500 fine for any deer killed under 120 inch. This allows our younger buck’s time to grow into true trophy. 


Hunt ID: OH-WDeerTurkey-All-Logan-PRO-John


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