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Kentucky Whitetail Deer Hunts West Kentucky

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Kentucky Whitetail Deer Hunts West Kentucky

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You will be hunting on 5,000 acres of prime privately owned farms set up for Archery, Rifle and Muzzleloader hunting trophy whitetails. We are located near and on the Ohio River and the Illinois state line. We have an aggressive mineral, food plot, and protein feeding program to optimize the already great genetic potential of the West Kentucky whitetail herd.

We manage our deer and take a minimum of a B&C Gross score of 130 or 3 yr old bucks. 130" min or / 3-1/2 yr old guidelines for bucks gives the herd a chance to let the 2-1/2 yr old bucks mature. That is why we have so many bucks and don’t even charge a trophy fee.

Stands are provided and guides will take you to and from your stand.For our hunts the licenses are over the counter, no drawing or points required.We have great early season VELVET archery hunts if you a velvet buff and don’t want to wait for the antlers in the rough on you whitetail.With the state of Kentucky having a 1 buck limit for residents and non residents, as well as a short 2 week gun season, we are located in a prime area for growing big bucks. 

For archery practice there is a 20' lighted archery tower w/ 3-d targets to enjoy during your off hours. All hunt have meals and lodging with the meals being home cook and delightful.

We provide first class lodging with private bedrooms with 2 beds and private bathroom, sink and shower in each room. 


With Kicknbass Guide Service being local if you fill your tag early it may be time to slip away for a day and drown a plastic worm. Fishing is not included in the hunt but is available if you want to look into the fishing opportunities for a guided fishing trip.

2012 Rates

(Lodging, Meals, Stands, Guides to and from stands, field care and processing, one buck

 (130” or 3+ yr old) 


Archery Velvet Opener 8 day hunt                                                                                  Sept 1-8, 2012

$2995.00/pp max 2 - 6 in camp

Archery Mid-Season                                                                                                  Sept 9 - Oct 20, 2012

3 days $995/pp max 2 - 6 in camp

5 days $1750/pp max 2 - 6 in camp

Archery Pre Rut/ Rut                                                                                                 Oct 21 - Nov 10, 

3 days $1495/pp max 2 - 6 in camp

5 days $2750/pp max 2 - 6 in camp

Rifle                                                                                                                                       Nov 10-25, 

5 days $2995/pp max 2-6 in camp

Late Season Muzzleloader                                                                                                   Dec 10-14, 

5 days $2495/pp max 2-6 in camp

Late Season Archery                                                                                            Nov 25, 2012 - Jan 14, 3 days $ 750/pp max 2 - 6 in camp

5 days $1250/pp max 2 - 6 in camp 

Buck - N - Bass Limited 3 day combos dates vary

3 days $1495/ pp (3 mornings of fully guided bass 3 afternoons of bow) 

Turkeys 3 day 2012 (meals/lodge/2 birds)

Semi guided $995/pp fully guided $1495/pp


Hunt ID: KY-WDeerTurkey-All-Marion-CCWO-Jason 


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