Hunting Self-Guided, DIY, Trespass Hunts Nebraska Private Ranch DIY Hunt for Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer near McCook

Nebraska Private Ranch DIY Hunt for Mule Deer and Whitetail Deer near McCook Hot

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This is a perfect hunt for a family group. You will be hunting on all private ranch and farm land of a couple of thousand acres with intermixed Cedar groves, hardwood drainages, fields of soybeans, corn, Green winter wheat on multiple small farms interconnected. The deer don’t migrate but are there all year. This is a free ranging hunt that is usually producing 8 point whitetail deer. This hunt is a Do It Yourself (DIY) hunt with some details assistance as below to help make you hunt a success by making your learning curve of the area shorter. If at a later time you want him to guide you just request it, and if time allows he will guide you for $ 250 per day per hunter.

The Friday prior to the opening days of the rifle season in Nebraska which is usually the second Saturday in November (November 10th) the landowner will provide you each with a map of the property. The map will have his phone and address along with permission slip on the back providing you with written permission to hunt the property the first 4 days of the gun season. Additional DIY days can be purchased for $ 200 per day. Only one deer can be shot per hunter. We do this to keep our deer quality high. On the front will be the property map which he will point out good areas to hunt as he has seen deer while harvesting and where he has taken them in the past. You are free to shoot mule deer or whitetail bucks whichever you license allows, but the area is 90% whitetail. A second deer can be shot for $ 495.

The deer can be easily hunted with spot and stalk methods or from ground blinds because the northern part is thick timber and the southern part is open Canyons.

Lodging and meals are the hunter’s responsibility. A self-contained motorhome is ok. Also McCook Nebraska is only about 20 miles away with the super 8 running about $ 65 per night double occupancies and food from BBQ to fast food available and also a Wal-Mart in case you forget something.

We require a 270 or larger rifle because the deer can get quite large in this area with the high protein grain available. All animals shot are the responsibility of the hunter to clean and care for.

The combination of the rut, and thousands of whitetail habitat around you, with your being minimal pressure brings in bucks every year that have never been seen before.

Adjacent to the north and eastern edge of the property is a large lake; watershed project and habitat are made for wildlife habitat on 8,500 acres. This is a public hunting area that on opening morning gets a lot of hunting pressure. The area has its own population of deer but with the pressure from hunters on the Habitat Management Area the deer quickly move on to your private land to escape the bands of public land hunters. They will cross back and forth throughout the season.

ATV’s are ok but I recommend they be used only to bring in dead deer because the deer spook from the engine noise of the ATV’s since it is not a common noise to them. A 4 wheel drive truck will take you most places and quieter. The land owner will possibly be in the area farming during your hunt. If you wound a deer and it goes off the property call the landowner and ask him what to do. If you are not able to contact him then go the house where the land is that the wounded deer went on to and ask that property owner if you can go get the deer with your rifle with you. This stops any kind of trespassing issues to come about.


Whitetail Deer Rifle Season                100_____%                      _99.9____%


No data first time but the deer are there

Archery________________                 _______%                        ________%


No data first time but the deer are there


Muzzleloader_______________         _________%            ________%


Opportunity and harvest on a DIY hunt vary greatly because 60% of the success is based on the hunters hunting skills and knowledge and only 40% on the land and animals provided. This is different from a guided hunt where a guide with the historical knowledge of the area is assisting the hunter in being successful. 

Hunt rates differ for Archery or Muzzleloader hunting contact me for details. The listed ones are for rifle, with archery and muzzleloader reduced from that price.

Where we are Located

Hunters can fly into McCook, North Platte or Denver and rent a vehicle to drive to the farm which is 20 miles NE of McCook 10 miles north of the town of Bartley, Nebraska.



 What you will need a $209 Nebraska Deer hunting license and a $16 habitat stamp, both of which you can get off the internet in early July 11th when they become available. For archery and muzzleloader season the licenses are available at any time. For youths 


DIY Hunt Costs as follows:

The Bartley North property is a 4 day hunt with an instruction tour of the area and a property map of the property with a signed permission slip. One day of 1 guide for the group hunting the private property is   $ 2000.00 will be reduced down to only $1495.


Excellent cover and state food plots, but again the army of public hunters spread out opening day and push every moving thing out. We have the promise habitat deep draws, wheat and trees for cover that they come to after that first shot. This area will take a maximum of 5 hunters for the gun season. The pricing is the same $2000 reduced down to only $1495 for the first 5 hunters. In addition if those 5 will book the complete property at one time the price will be lowered to only $ 1395.

3 Day Guided Spring Turkey Hunt $695 per Hunter

1-5 Hunters

Bag Limit 1 bearded Tom

Guide, transportation, Turkey calling, instructions, help on cleaning & packaging turkey, and noon meal in field each day. Hunter is responsible for Breakfast, dinner and lodging. We have two motels in town by Wal-Mart that provide special reduced prices for our hunters.


3 Day DIY Spring Turkey Hunt $350 per Turkey with a maximum of 2

You will receive a map of the 8,000 acres with the outfitter noting where the turkey flocks usually located. A second Turkey is only $ 100.


Licensing Detail:

This is in the special Mule Deer Conservation area.

The mule deer buck tag is available for 12 hours over the internet when the draw begins at 1PM Central time on July 7 usually(An update is available in June on the exact time and date). This is a good license because you can shoot a Mule Deer Buck, a whitetail buck, or a whitetail Doe on that license.

Because there are so few Mule Deer on this property it is not that important to have a Mule Deer license because almost all that you see will be whitetail.


Nebraska is making it easier than ever to pass on the gift of hunting to our young people.

With your leadership and knowledge, bonds will be strengthened and a first-time hunter will become a lifetime hunter.  Make a connection like nowhere else on earth. Take a youth hunting. Nebraska provides youth the opportunity to purchase up to two youth permits valid for the harvesting of either sex deer in any unit of the state using the appropriate harvest method for that season.


•Youth Deer Permits are now just $5

•Youth age 10 or older may hunt deer in Nebraska

•Youth ages 15 or younger must hunt with a licensed adult

Application Age: Youth age 16 may get a youth permit if they purchase before turning 16.

A 17 year old must purchase an adult license and Conservation stamp.

Youth may apply before reaching legal age if legal age is reached before season opens

Habitat Stamp: Required of nonresident youth only.

Hunter’s ages 12 through 29 must have completed firearm hunter education when hunting ANYTHING with a firearm or crossbow.

•Firearm or crossbow hunters under age 12 and those using the exemption certificate can never hunt alone and must be accompanied when hunting anything with a firearm or crossbow. The accompanying person, must be age 19 or older, a licensed hunter and if age 19-29, must be certified in hunter education. Accompanied means you must be in unaided verbal and visual communications at all times 


Minimum Age

 •No minimum age 


License Requirement

 •Resident (15 years old or younger) they do not need any license or habitat stamp

•Hunter Education (if age 12 or older) 

•Nonresident (15 years old or younger) Hunt permit

•Habitat Stamp=•Hunter Education (if age 12 or older)

•All hunters age 16 or older must have valid Nebraska hunting license and habitat stamp

 Hunter Orange -- Any persons hunting deer under the authority of a firearm permit during an authorized Forearm season must display on his or her head, chest and back at least 400 square inches of hunter orange material.



Nebraska Game & Parks Division 2200 N. 33rd St. Lincoln, NE 68503 - (402) 471-0641 


Or the Local District office in North Platte, 301 East State Farm Road, 308-535-8025


Nebraska Game & Parks

2200 North 33rd Street Lincoln, NE 68503

(402) 471-1984



Deer - Archery Sept. 15 - Dec. 31

Deer - Mule Deer Conservation Area Sept. 15 - Dec 31

Deer - October Antlerless Oct. 1 - 10

Deer - November Firearm Nov. 12 - 20

Deer - Earn-a-Buck November Firearm Nov. 12 - 22

Deer - Muzzleloader Dec. 1 - 31

Deer - Season Choice Sept. 15 - Jan. 18, 2012

Deer - Youth Sept. 15 - Jan. 18, 2012

Deer - Landowner Sept. 15 - Jan. 18, 2012

Deer - DeSoto Muzzleloader Oct. 1 - 2, Oct. 15 - 16, Dec. 10 - 11,

Jan. 7 - 8, 2012

Deer - Boyer Chute Oct. 22 - 23, Nov. 5 - 6, Dec. 17 - 18


Restricted Statewide Buck – Valid in nine-day November firearm season. Bag limit: one buck. No mule deer may be harvested in Mule Deer Conservation Area.

Resident — $73.50

Nonresident — $521

Whitetail Statewide Buck – Valid statewide Sept. 15-Dec. 31 for archery, muzzleloader and November firearm season with weapon legal for each season. Bag limit: one whitetail buck and one antlerless whitetail.

Resident — $73.50

Nonresident — $521

Firearm – Valid in specific units during November firearm, Earn-a-Buck or late firearm seasons. Bag limit: varies by sex and species. See map on page 37.

Resident — $30

Nonresident — $209

Archery – Valid statewide. Bag limit: one deer of both sex and one antlerless whitetail.

No mule deer may be harvested in Mule Deer Conservation Area.

Resident — $30

Nonresident — $209

Muzzleloader – Valid statewide. Bag limit: one deer of both sex and one antlerless whitetail. No mule deer may be harvested in Mule Deer Conservation Area.

Resident — $30

Nonresident — $209

Season Choice – Valid in specific units. Bag limit: antlerless only, but varies. Valid in open seasons with the appropriate weapons, See maps on page 38-39.

Resident — $30

Nonresident antlerless only — $55

Landowner – Valid on property of landowner. Bag limit: one deer of either sex and one antlerless deer in seasons with the appropriate weapons.

Resident — $15.50

Nonresident — $105

Youth Deer – Valid statewide for all seasons with the appropriate weapons. Bag limit: one deer of either sex and one antlerless whitetail. Limit one permit per youth.

Resident — $6

Nonresident — $6

Youth Whitetail – Valid statewide for all seasons with the appropriate weapons. Bag limit: one whitetail and one antlerless whitetail.

Resident — $6

Nonresident — $6

Big Game Permits | 5

October Antlerless–Valid in October Antlerless Unit Bag limit: two antlerless whitetail deer. See map on page 36.

Resident — $11

Nonresident — $55

Nebraska Habitat Stamp – Valid statewide and required of all big game hunters, except residents younger than 16 years of age and residents who hold veteran or 69 or older senior permits. EXCEPTION: Farmers and ranchers who hunt with a landowner permit on land they own or lease for agricultural purposes are exempt. One stamp is required for all hunting in a calendar year, but January deer hunters may use the previous year’s stamp.

Resident — $20

Nonresident — $20


• At OutdoorNebraska.org during the applicable periods

• Mail a completed application to Game and Parks, 2200 N. 33rd St., Lincoln, NE, 68503.

• In person at Game and Parks permitting offices.

NOTE: Game and Parks agents, such as Wal-Mart, cannot sell big game permits.

Big Game Permits | 7


You must provide:

• A 2011 Big Game Application

• Full name, birth date, address, and physical description

• Last four (4) digits of Social Security number (Non-U.S. citizens are exempt. Please call (402) 471-5455)

• Hunter or bow hunter education number, if required

• Payment: Credit or debit cards (VISA and MasterCard only), checks and money orders are accepted as payment.

• E-mail address (used to notify successful applicants of permit drawings)



Deer – No one may have more than two permits that allow the harvest of a buck.


The requirements to qualify as a Nebraska resident to buy a hunting license:

• Reside in Nebraska continuously for 30 days or more before making application for a permit and intend to become a resident of Nebraska.

• Residents attending school in another state or stationed outside the state of Nebraska as part of a military assignment that have maintained Nebraska as their state of legal residency.

• Military personnel and full-time students stationed or attending school in Nebraska for a period of at least 30 days.

NOTE: A new resident should be prepared to provide documentation of residency

(Driver’s license or voter registration etc). To an officer when in possession of a resident permit.


Hunters who want to ensure that both or neither of their party will draw a permit in the same unit should apply as “buddies.” If one person fails to draw a permit, both will be excluded.

• Must be submitted during the first application period for draw units. (Later applications treated on a first-come, first-served basis.)

• Only two persons may submit applications together as buddy applicants. If applying by mail, both applications must be marked as buddy and submitted in the same envelope.

• One check is allowed for payment. If paying by credit card, buddies must use same credit card.

• Preference based on the individual with the fewest preference points.

• A buddy permit does not allow party hunting. Each permit holder must harvest his or her own animal.


Applicants who did not receive a deer permit in a draw unit this year will be given preference in the next permit drawing.


Minimum Age: Deer – age 10; Antelope, Elk, Bighorn – age 12

Seasons: Elk and Bighorn – Same as adult hunts; no special permit or season

Antelope – Permit: Youth archery permit, $11, for residents and nonresidents.

Seasons are the same as for adults.

Deer – Permit: Youth deer permits, $6, for residents and nonresidents

Youth Whitetail permits - valid for one either-sex whitetail and one antlerless whitetail

Youth Deer permit – valid for one deer of any type and one antlerless whitetail

Youth Deer permits valid in all general seasons with weapons legal for that season.

Archery: Sept. 15 – Dec. 31

October Anterless: Oct. 1 - 10 in units open during

November Firearm: Nov. 12 - 20

November Firearm in Earn-A-Buck units: Nov. 12 - 22 (Youth and

Landowner not required shooting a doe.)

Muzzleloader: Dec. 1 - 31

Late Firearm Antlerless: Dec. 26 – Jan. 18, 2012 (antlerless only)

Antlerless only if hunting during the October antlerless firearm season

Archery, Muzzleloader, SCA, MDCA, October Antlerless Season

Permit Limit: maximum of two youth permits, but no more than one that allows mule deer

Application Age: Youth age 16 may get a youth permit if they purchase before turning 16.

Youth may apply before reaching legal age if legal age is reached before season opens

Habitat Stamp: Required of nonresident youth only.



Buck – A deer having at least one antler 6 inches or more in length.

Antlerless – A deer with no antlers or antlers no more than 6 inches in length.


YOUTH, Landowner and season choice PERMITS

Persons who obtain a youth, landowner or Season Choice permit may:

• Firearm: Nov. 12 – 20; Nov. 12 – 22 in Earn-a-Buck units

• Late Firearm: Dec. 26 – Jan. 18, 2012

• Archery: Sept. 15 – Jan. 18, 2012

• Muzzleloader: Dec. 1 - Jan. 18, 2012

• Any weapon: Oct. 1 – 10 in October Antlerless units


The Need for New Rules

Mule deer populations are declining in some units and increasing in others. The statewide population is at or near a record high and landowner tolerance for more mule deer is limited. Populations are under pressure because of habitat conversion to row crop agriculture, brain worm mortality and chronic wasting disease. Populations are

declining in the Buffalo, Frenchman and Platte units. Republican Unit mule deer have declined approximately 75 percent over the past 15 years. Nonresident hunter demand for mule deer permits is increasing as mule deer hunting opportunities become more limited nationwide. In the Frenchman Unit, hunter demand for mule deer exceeds

permit availability. In addition, Game and Parks biologists wish to maintain a higher level of older bucks in the population. The current objective is 75 percent age 2 and older bucks in the harvest. We need new rules to manage mule deer, and we have selected these four units in southwest Nebraska to implement them.

Hunting Season Dates –

Buffalo, Frenchman, Platte, and Republican MDCA permits:

With archery equipment, Sept. 15 - Dec. 31

With muzzleloaders, Dec. 1 – 31

With firearms, Nov. 12 - 20

Buffalo Whitetail, Frenchman Whitetail, Platte Whitetail, and Republican Whitetail permits:

With firearms, Nov. 12 – 20

Important – No person may obtain more than one permit that allows them to take of a mule deer buck, including Republican Mule Deer, Buffalo, Frenchman, and Platte permits.

Hunting Area – Buffalo, Frenchman, Platte, and Republican units (see page 37)

Permits – Hunters wishing to harvest a mule deer buck in the MDCA must purchase a

Youth, Landowner, Buffalo, Frenchman, Platte, or Republican mule deer permit. There is quota of MDCA permits in each unit that are valid in the archery, muzzleloader and firearm seasons. Buffalo, Frenchman and Platte permits are valid for any deer. The Republican Mule Deer permit is valid for a mule deer buck. Frenchman and Platte

permits include a bonus antlerless whitetail tag. Mule deer doe harvest is allowed on Landowner permits, Youth permits and SCA 8 West, SCA 9 North and SCA 25 North permits. The following permits are valid only for the November firearm season: Buffalo Whitetail, Frenchman Whitetail, Platte Whitetail, and Republican Whitetail. Statewide Archery, Muzzleloader and Restricted Statewide Buck permits may not be used in the MDCA for mule deer. They are valid for whitetail in the MDCA.

Hunter Education

1 Hunters ages 12 through 29 must have on their person proof of successful completion of firearm hunter education while hunting with a firearm or crossbow.

2 Hunters ages 12 through 29 must have on their person proof of successful completion of bow hunter education while hunting deer, antelope, elk, or mountain (bighorn) sheep with bow and arrow.

3 Hunters ages 12 through 29 who have not completed firearm and/or bow hunter education may obtain an Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate.


4 Firearm hunters ages 11 or younger must be accompanied by a licensed person age 19 or older.

5 Any deer, elk, antelope, or bighorn sheep hunters ages 15 or younger must be accompanied by a licensed person age 19 and older.

6 Hunters holding an Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate must be accompanied by a licensed person age 19 or older. The accompanying person if age 19-29 must be certified in hunter education.


Accompanied in the presence of a licensed hunter age 19 or older. The accompanying hunter may not accompany more than two hunters at a time using the Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate. The accompanying adult hunter must at all times be in unaided visual and verbal communication with the novice hunter.

Licensed – Has a valid Nebraska hunting permit.


Apprentice Hunter Education Certificate

Persons who have not completed a firearm hunter and/or bow hunter education course may obtain an Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate from Game and Parks. This certificate provides the novice hunter age 12 and older an opportunity to hunt and receive training before completing hunter education. The certificate may be obtained once in a person’s lifetime, expires on Dec. 31 and may be renewed once. The fee is $5.


Hunt ID: NE-MDeerWDeer-Bartley-North-HK-Henry

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